Contact West-London Mistress

How to Contact London Mistress Commander Sophie in West-London

Book your spot a few days in advance. For hardsports, I am often booked out 2 weeks in advance. I don’t EVER do same-day bookings.


phone hours: 3-7pm daily

If I don’t pick up, I might be in session. Be patient.

Your free chat on the phone is a negotiation, where I get to know you. I want to find out, how I can best twist your mind and what your absolute boundaries are- such as marks. The setting of the game has to be carefully plotted. So that, I can have free range and fun once the session starts. I won’t be dominating you over the phone! It’s NOT not a taster-session!

London Femdom Session Availability

  • daily 11am-8pm (weekends no problem)
  • prefered time: 5 pm
  • second preference: between 2-5pm

Paddington Mistress: Female Domination in W2 London

Paddington: Closest tubes are Paddington and Lancaster Gate. This is the Westend Dungeon in London, W2.


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