Mistress Reviews of Commander Sophie by Former and Current Slaves

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1Supremely intelligent, stunningly beautiful, sensual and erotic.  Sophie –  you are everything one seeks for and then some more.2

1Tall, beautiful Domme who has a passion for bdsm. Thankyou for an amazing time. Hope to see you very soon.2

1Outstanding – made me feel at ease, though she is clearly in control. Cannot wait to see you again.2

1Gorgeous with a killer smile and so so naughty, now thats nice!2

1I was thoroughly controlled and abused by a skilled and dominant superior Domme.2

1Kinky and hot!2

1I enjoyed it so much, CS made me very welcome and knew excactly what I wanted. I have been visiting Mistresses for almost 20 years and that was one of the best sessions I can remember.2


This was the first time and I will never forget! Wonderful ! Thanks!!! Kneeling ask for more Sophie!! 2


That was fantastic, I loved it. It was the best and kinkiest thing I’ve ever done. Commander is just amazing and gorgeous. 2


I thought, I was in control- until I met Commander Sophie2



She has got it all: Beauty, intelligence & cruelty


Be warned, Sophie is very addictive. Sophie is really easy to talk to and made me feel really safe and relaxed. I knew, I could trust her with my dark secrets and totally submit to her and let my guard down. She did push my boundaries and she took my breath away, there is something mysterious about her. And I need more.2



Shit Eating Review by Slave C, June 2014

Two-Turd Challenge:

1I decided after much training myself to eat Sophie’s scat on my own to try and eat two in her presence. The plan was one she would save from the day before, then I would be allowed her delicious fresh brown on the day. It was a new location which was as easy to find, just as safe as the previous place also. As usual she opened the door and greeted me pleasantly. She shut the door behind me and followed. She is tall, fit and strong looking. I gave her a small piece of paper putting forward the treatment I think I am worthy of which was humiliating, spitting, face slapping etc. The session started with me naked on my knees talking to her about what I was getting upto with her and my passion for consuming her poo. Soon enough she placed down a plastic sheet that I was to lye on face up. The first turd which was bulging in a freezer bag and then was dropped onto my chest, then I noticed her getting a spoon from the shelves behind my head at the other end of the room. She came over, opened the bag, dunked the first spoon into the bag of shit, then moved the spoon full in front of my mouth, I was eager for this. Meanwhile it’s important to add that I feel totally at home and like it’s not forced with her, i wouldn’t like to do this with someone who didn’t really want to do it and wouldn’t do it.

In no time I had been eating the spoon loads that were getting larger and then she decided to get her gloved hand into the bag to bring out a bigger pile which was squeezed in her hand then forced into my mouth. I was totally plugged with her poo and was always masturbating through all this to associate with pleasure with what I was doing, which is key to training. I let myself down because I hadn’t finished the bagged stuff that was filling my mouth before she was ready to give me her morning shit of the day. I had to release it to make room and she shouted "what are you doing". I explained what I was doing. I waited for fresh, disappointed that I had not finished but also so excited. She squatted over me farted first then deposited fresh into my mouth. I loved it, chewed it and consumed it (fast). By the end my face was covered in mistress shit up my nose, my mouth was full, then I was allowed to explode!! Great session, constant hard on for the whole session, cannot wait to visit this amazing woman again!!!!2

Shit Eating Review by Slave C, May 2014

1This morning I had the real pleasure of visiting Commander Sophie at her dungeon and it was amazing !! It started well with an easy to find and safe location in a lovely part of London. She was a very beautiful and respectable mistress which was lovely to discover. We chatted briefly about interests and no go areas. My first impressions were, what a stunning lady, tall and respectable, well spoken and beautifully spoken. So the session was mainly about toilet slavery but we tried other things. I shall skip the first fraction of the session and concentrate on toilet play. As soon as she pulled the toilet box out and ordered me to the floor I was in another world, she is a top class mistress and I was fully willing to give this my best. My head was secured in a toilet box and then I looked up and awaited anything that came down; spit, piss or shit. I was ordered to open my mouth and collect her urine, it went up my nose and down my throat and in my face, plus all the surplus was collected as a puddle in the tray of the toilet box that my head was resting in. After that it moved onto scat and carried on until the end of the session that way. As I watched her anus open up for the first time and her scat slowly come out I was mesmerized. The first piece of shit actually missed and landed into the tray my head was resting on, she soon realized and actually wanted it in my mouth immediately. She soon placed the mouth full sized piece of scat in my mouth carefully and pleasurely by the look in her eyes. so for the first time I had her shit in my mouth straight from the source. I was highly aroused as she looked down on me with her scat filling my mouth, I chewed on it slowly as she watched and concentrated on texture and smell. I could make out little pieces, it was smooth and course smelly, I didn’t gag at all in fact it was actually an amazing pleasure. Once I ad been trying to eat that piece for long enough, which does take some chewing by the way, more was to come out. I watched again with excitement while making more room for another fresh load to land into my mouth. In the end another two big loads were to come warm and fresh out of her so basically she produces a lot. Plenty for me to ever try and eat it all and easily enough for most I am sure. During all of this she was very arousing and it was a totally comfortable experience with her. I truly felt like we both had an enjoyable time and I feel she is a world class scat mistress.2

Scat Session Review, January 2013

1Commander Sophie orders me to get on the floor and put my head in the toilet box. My head rests on a guillotine like frame to keep my head in the right place for what is to come. CS says she needs to piss first. I try to get in the right position to catch it in my mouth but it sprays all over my face. I manage to drink some of her piss. It tastes quite strong today. Perhaps it is her first pee of the day or she has not drunk much water. After CS has finished pissing she says she is ready to shit. She moves her arse in position over my mouth and I move my head as close as possible. There now follow a few seconds of excitement and trepidation at what is to come. I can see and hear CS’s arse stretching open and then the first load is quickly deposited in my mouth – a direct hit! At first the smell and taste is a bit overwhelming but my mouth and nose soon accept it and this is just as well as another load arrives soon after – another direct hit! By this time my mouth is quite full and I’m cherishing this gift from above. Then CS says there is more to come. This time there is no more room left in my mouth so it just lands on top and some falls off. CS is aware of this so collects the surplus from the bottom of the toilet box and forces it into my mouth with her hand so my cheeks are now bulging with CS’s present to me. CS then leaves me to savour the taste and smell for a few minutes while she gets her camera to take a photographic record of her good work. Eventually CS says I can empty my mouth. This comes as both a relief and disappointment. Relie as my mouth was beginning to ache from holding so much but disappointment at having to release her kind gift to me.2